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Take work off your plate with professional deal reviews and stay compliant with every pencil.

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Are your pencils on point?
Find out with audits by industry experts.

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Annual audits are ideal for dealers who already have a robust compliance management system in place and are looking for third-party compliance verification of their deal process.

Annual Audits

Quarterly audits are ideal for dealers who may already have some compliance checks in place, but don't review deals themselves regularly.

Quarterly Audits

Monthly audits are best for dealerships looking to outsource deal compliance reviews. Create a track record of compliance and get the best prevention with monthly professional audits.

Monthly Audits

Mosaic now offers ongoing audits. Using our proprietary software, we'll review deals throughout the month and deliver real-time insights you can action. 

Continuous Audits

Why professional deal reviews?

Deal reviews are a critical protective measure in helping dealerships avoid serious fines and lawsuits. They can also be time-consuming and require considerable regulatory knowledge. With professional audits, let our experts check your deals for you, and empower you with expert insights that can help maximize your profits.

How it works:

Step 1: Get paired with one of our expert deal review experts with decades of compliance experience.

Step 2: Your auditor will review a number of deals each month, helping to catch compliance gaps and suggest improvements using our proprietary software.

Step 3: Detailed results are posted via our auditing platform, where you can access insights and guidance anytime, and from anywhere.

Are deal audits right for you? 

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Personalized advice to ensure your store's success

At Mosaic, we're dedicated to helping dealers avoid legal issues and achieve maximum profitability. Our deal audits are specifically designed for your benefit and discreetly conducted by compliance experts with decades of industry experience.

When you need trusted guidance to ensure your deals are done right - we've got you covered. 

Discover more compliance solutions

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Compliance Training

Winner of the Dealer's Choice Diamond Award 2015-2023.

With Mosaic training, you get:

  • Role-based compliance training built by industry attorneys

  • Fully managed setup and support from a compliance advisor

  • Video-based training tailored to the dealership environment

  • Available as compliance bundles, courses, or certifications

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