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We are excited to introduce a new opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction and increase your dealership's value proposition.

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Protecting Dealers & Consumers in a Cybercrime-Targeted Industry

The automotive industry has long been a target for data thieves. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the security of their personal information when doing business with dealerships. Dealerships are the first link in the longer “chain of custody” of consumer information, making them the first line of defense.

Differentiate Your Dealership

Offer the Aura Complete Individual Plan at no additional cost to any consumer who fills out a credit application at your dealership. This value-added service can set your dealership apart from the competition, providing a significant incentive for consumers to choose your dealership over others.

How the Program Works

Consumer Coverage

Provide 1 year of Aura Complete Individual Coverage to each consumer who completes a credit application or purchases a car.

Easy Activation

Give each consumer a QR Code that links to an Aura landing page.

Simple Enrollment

The consumer enters the dealer information on the designated page to access and activate their coverage.

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