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Fully-managed CARS Rule compliance for dealerships.

What is the FTC CARS Rule?

The Combating Auto Retail Scams (CARS) Rule impacts dealerships in two critical ways: 

  1. Requires dealerships to follow strict new advertising and sales practices.

  2. Gives the Federal Trade Commission first-strike capability to fine delinquent dealers. Non-compliance is considered a deceptive trade practice.

Read the FTC's Dealer's Guide to the CARS Rule

CARS Compliance

CARS compliance done right  

Mosaic provides a fully managed solution built by attorneys to comply with the FTC's CARS Rule.

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  • Understand your CARS compliance risk and receive a guided action plan


  • Educate your team with attorneys-built training


  • Implement the policies you'll need to comply

Compliance monitoring

  • AI compliance monitoring throughout the sales processs


  • Website reviews: Evaluate your website for CARS compliance

  • Ad reviews: Regular evaluations of your advertisements

  • Price reviews: Confirm your offering prices are right under the CARS Rule

  • Paperwork and process review. Sales and F&I paperwork process reviews

Expert Guidance

  • Dedicated Compliance Advisor 

  • Legal best practices 

  • Managed compliance portal

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CARS compliance requirements


The CARS Rule makes it illegal to misrepresent material information such as price, financing or add-ons.


Under the CARS Rule, if the consumer won’t benefit from an add-on product or service, the dealer can’t charge for it

Offering Price

Requires dealers to clearly disclose the offering price – the actual price anyone can pay to get the car, excluding only required government charges.

Express Consent

No surprise fees or hidden charges. Dealers must get a buyer’s clear and informed “yes” to what they’re buying and how much they’re being charged

Solutions for dealers. Built by attorneys.


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Discover more compliance solutions

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Compliance Training

Winner of the Dealer's Choice Diamond Award 2015-2023.

With Mosaic training, you get:

  • Role-based compliance training built by industry attorneys

  • Fully managed setup and support from a compliance advisor

  • Video-based training tailored to the dealership environment

  • Available as compliance bundles, courses, or certifications

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