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What's unique about Mosaic's Solution:

Excellent Data Protection

We only offer solutions that truly protect your data and satisfy the safeguards Rule. While we do much of the work in-house, we've partnered with some expert services for the more technical requirements to ensure you have the best data protection and compliance for each requirement. Regardless you will always have one contract, one invoice, and one point of contact you work with, at Mosaic.

Dealership Compliance Experts

We've been providing Automotive Compliance to dealerships for 15+ years. It's all we do and 1/3 of our team are auto-specific attorneys.

Humans Help You

A dedicated account manager walks you through your roadmap, sets up services with you, provides live support, and keeps you on track to compliance.

A La Carte

Quotes tailored specifically to only what you need and the ability to pick and choose items as desired.

Risk Assessments

Our Risk Assessment tool allows you to take one risk assessment and maintain its results for ongoing compliance. It instantly generates annual reports and provides a project management section where you can review and action identified risks

Service Provider Compliance

Mosaic does the work for of sending out and collecting Service Provider Safeguards agreements for you. Simply provide your list of service providers that have access to customer data. 

We'll provide a library of agreements that you can review and Mosaic will also help send new agreements to future vendors.

​​If you prefer to do the outreach yourself, we can provide our form for a one-time fee of $100

Vulnerability Scanning

Nodeware scans your network daily and suggests how to improve network security when network vulnerabilities are identified.

Endpoint Detection and Response

This is the preferred method vs. the penetration tests

EDR is the most important part of your Cyber Protection. Our EDR is a full XDR/MDR/SIEM/SOC solution.  It comes with a USA-Based security operations center of human cyber-security experts that stop cyberattack attempts and remediate threats for you. You can access the dashboard 24/7 which includes all alerts. Experts will meet with you each month if desired to review the threats they stopped and advise how to improve security moving forward.

Security Awareness Training 

We manage and deploy your Security Awareness Training for you, pricing it by store (not person) so no employee is left out. Our award-winning dealership-specific Learning Management Platform has won the dealer's choice award for 7 years running.


Our team of auto Lawyers will write up and provide you with all the policy documentation you need for the Safeguards Rule for a one-time fee. 

We will also manage and deploy Simulated Phishing for you.

Simulated Phishing

We will manage and deploy Simulated Phishing for you, and you can sit back and watch the reporting and adjust if desired. 

No limit to emails, templates, tests, or frequency.

Can create custom content if desired.

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