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Dealership policies made by attorneys

Getting the right dealership policy just got a whole lot easier with Mosaic's attorney-drafted templates.

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Are compliant and affordable policies right for you?

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Ease into compliance with the perfect policy 


One-time cost

Get dealership-specific policy templates, built by automotive attorneys and at a fraction of the cost of equivalent legal services.


Built by attorneys

Rest easy knowing your new policies have been built by industry attorneys and include the content necessary to be compliant in today's legal environment.


Edit as needed

Instantly access your template upon purchase. You can begin making it your own right away conveniently via Microsoft Word.

Note: Reuse, resale, or repurposing of templates is strictly prohibited.

What type of policy are you looking for?

Anti-harassment & anti-discrimination policy


Employee Handbook


Get all our policies for less, with our Comprehensive Compliance Bundle

Looking for an even simpler solution to your compliance needs? Get all of your compliance policies and training in one place with Mosaic's comprehensive program. With our bundle, you gain the ability to digitally deploy all your policies for esign via the same portal folks take training from. Plus, we'll do the setup work for you. Save time, cost, and effort with a comprehensive Bundle today!

What dealers are saying about Mosaic...

"exactly what we needed"

"Our group was looking for a comprehensive compliance program that was simple to use and understand.Mosaic Compliance Services has a training program that was exactly what we needed. They work closelywith you to get the program tailored for your group and ongoing support is fantastic!We highly recommend Mosaic to any automotive dealer looking for an online compliance program."

~ Wendy, VP of Finance

Discover more compliance solutions

Compliance training for dealership employees as standalone courses,  or convenient bundles for teams and stores.


Standalone or bundled compliance policies to protect your dealership and your customers.


Get deal jacket audits and receive detailed recommendations from our industry experts to help your store proactively avoid compliance issues.


A-la-carte Safeguards compliance, allows dealers to conveniently get the compliance parts they need, without duplication or added cost.


Standalone and bundled compliance policies to protect your dealership and your customers.


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We're here to help

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We look forward to serving you!

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