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Dealership Safeguards (GLBA) Compliance

On January 10th, 2022, an updated version of the Safeguards Rule became law. As a leading provider of dealership compliance solutions, Mosaic offers a tailored solution that addresses the substance of the Rule at a manageable cost.

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Mosaic Cyber Security offers a solution that covers every requirement of the revised FTC Safeguards Rule. 


Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring (EDR)

Central to the Mosaic Safeguards Solution is a robust network monitoring system that both identifies anomalous activity and, if desired, stops it in its tracks.

Multifactor Authentication

MFA is intended to make it more difficult to access a computer network using a stolen password. Mosaic is the only Safeguards solution to offer MFA so you can ensure that your network is protected anywhere sensitive data live.

Data Encryption

Data flows into and out of dealerships constantly. Under the revised rule, it must be encrypted both in transit and at rest within your network. 

Qi Training and Certification

Under the revised rule, every dealership needs a Qualified Individual (QI) to oversee their Safeguards Program. As a leading provider of compliance training to the retail automotive industry Mosaic provides training and a certification exam for your designated QI. 

The Revised FTC Safeguards Rule: A Starting Point for Compliance.

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