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Dealership General Employees

This course is tailored for employees working within the service and parts departments of the dealership. The General Employee learning path will assist you in developing a compliance culture at your dealership. While many dealership employees need much more training, all employees must understand the laws included in this path.

Video Content: 

0.5 Hours

Lesson Topics:


Quiz Questions:


Estimated Time to Complete:

1 Hour

Included Lessons

FTC Safeguards Rule: Basics

FTC Safeguards Rule: Basics

Non-Public Information | Recognizing NPI | Employee Responsibility | Computer Network | Internet Safety



The Golden Rule | Your Character | What’s Our Purpose

Employee Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Employee Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Introduction | Legal Overview | What is Sexual Harassment? | Examples of Conduct | Employee Complaint Process | Protected Classes | Discrimination in the Workplace

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