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Accounting Compliance Checklist

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20 minutes

Lesson Description

A compliance checklist can serve two important purposes for your dealership. First, using a compliance checklist allows you to identify and address problems with a deal file quickly. Second, a compliance checklist can serve as the basis for dealership training on identified issues. To ensure that you are thoroughly reviewing compliance issues, it is recommended that you consolidate all of your checklists into one master checklist, or have a separate checklist devoted solely to compliance. These lessons are designed to educate the learner on the components of a compliance checklist and how to properly use the checklist to identify and remedy compliance issues at the dealership.


  • Importance of the Checklist

  • Components of the Checklist

  • License and Insurance

  • ...


  • Deployable online with Mosaic's LMS

  • Track and retain employee completions

  • SCORM Compliant version available

  • Text summary

  • English closed captions

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