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F&I Products and Services

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When a customer buys an F&I product or service from your dealership, there is typically a product information or registration form that goes to the customer. The form usually provides information about the product, including what it does and does not do. The form also usually explains what to do if there is a problem with the product. It details limitations, cancellation policies, and provides important information on how to make a claim or secure a benefit offered by the product. In this lesson, F&I professionals will learn how to review their product forms and product descriptions to ensure they are properly describing products and services to their customers.


  • Understanding Your Products

  • Product Forms

  • Product Descriptions


  • Deployable online with Mosaic's LMS

  • Track and retain employee completions

  • SCORM Compliant version available

  • Text summary

  • English closed captions

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