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Dealership Safeguards Compliance: Continuous Network Monitoring

What is continuous network monitoring?

Continuous network monitoring is the process of continuously monitoring your dealership's computer network in order to detect cyber threats and anomalous activity.

It also monitors for changes in performance to provide real-time data on the overall health of your IT infrastructure, including networks and cloud applications like your DMS and CRM.

Central to the Mosaic Safeguards Solution is a robust network monitoring system that both identifies anomalous activity and, if desired, stops it in its tracks.

This software application is managed through a user-friendly dashboard that provides meaningful real-time insight into current network security status, identified

vulnerabilities and their associated patches, and documentation that supports the Rule’s reporting requirements.

How does continuous network monitoring work?

Mosaic’s continuous monitoring platform uses anomaly detection to analyze time-series data by creating accurate baselines of normal behavior and identifying anomalous patterns in your dataset.

The platform is proven to detect cyber threats faster and more accurately across your entire digital infrastructure and cloud. It provides 24/7 monitoring, threat detection, cloud-based SEIM, and response to identify a breach before it occurs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning features automate the analysis of time series data by creating accurate baselines of normal behavior in the data and identifying anomalous patterns in that data in real-time data feeds from your entire tech stack. Using proprietary machine learning algorithms, the following circumstances are detected, scored, and linked with statistically significant influencers in the data:

  • Anomalies related to temporal deviations in values, counts, or frequencies

  • Statistical rarity

  • Unusual behaviors for a member of a population

After machine learning creates baselines of normal behavior for your data, you can use that information to extrapolate future behavior. Behavior Analytics extends detections by observing patterns and anomalies for other entities, such as network devices and servers, and not just individual users. Some threats can only be identified when looking at the behavior of an entity or a chain of events, they can be considered anomalous when:

  • Their behavior changes over time, relative to their own previous behavior or

  • Their behavior is different from other entities in a specified population

Application Monitoring

The Mosaic CNM platform is built around you: all your data, all the time, against all your threats. We leave no vulnerability unchecked. With our application monitoring, we detect cyber events in your business-critical applications.

  • Monitor your existing Endpoint Security Platform

  • Up-to-date alerts for:

    • System security logs

    • External attackers or malicious insiders

    • Unauthorized access or account takeover

Cloud Monitoring

Our services don’t sleep, which means that you can. With cloud monitoring, we are able to monitor all data for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms.

  • Support for productivity suites Office 365, Google Workspace

  • Enables ultra-fast event gathering of log events

  • Support for hybrid and multi-cloud

On-Prem Monitoring

We custom fit the platform for your dealership so you not only get the best technology but the right technology. With our on-prem monitoring, we are able to monitor multiple sources for greater visibility and security.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

We provide fully managed endpoint protection backed by our 24/7 U.S.-based SOC. Our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides centralized detection with a fast and informed response.

  • AI and behavioral-based prevention and blocking

  • Avert threats such as Malware and Ransomware

  • Secure hybrid environments and protect while offline

  • Protect your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints

Why choose continuous monitoring over penetration testing?

Dealers may include in their ISP either continuous network monitoring or annual penetration testing and twice-annual vulnerability assessments. What’s the difference?

Continuous monitoring does just that - it monitors a computer network 24/7 and immediately detects breach attempts, allowing rapid response. Vulnerability assessments (VAs”) just take a picture of network risks at a specific moment in time.

Put another way, continuous monitoring actually protects a network, while VAs periodically identify risks to the network. In fact, continuous monitoring functions as a continuous VA.

VAs may seem an attractive option because that approach is cheaper than continuous monitoring. But penetration testing, which is required if VAs are used, is quite expensive if done right.

A meaningful external penetration test requires both a VA and at least 40 man-hours of human attention at $150 - $300 per hour, so going that route may be a false economy.


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