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Dealership Safeguards Enforcement is Coming

What Dealers Should Know

A older man in a suit jacket starring at a new car dealership. A title above him reads, "Safeguards Enforcement is coming: What Dealers Should Know."

Enforcing the Safeguards Rule on Dealerships:

During a breakout session at the recent NIADA conference in Las Vegas, a question that held the attention of every dealer was "Will we see enforcement action under the Safeguards Rule?" The answer was crystal clear... "abso-freakin'-lutely!" In this whitepaper, we’ll reveal:

  • How and when the FTC plans to enforce the Safeguards Rule on dealerships

  • Who is on the blame line for this Rule (Hint: It’s not just the dealer principal)

  • A concise checklist to confirm your store has what it needs

  • A questionnaire to get a cost estimate to comply


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