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Defending Dealerships: The Fight Against the FTC's CARS Rule

Industry conference with representatives from Mosaic Compliance Services, NADA, and TADA discussing the FTC's CARS Rule, emphasizing collaboration and regulatory strategy.

The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) CARS Rule has become a hot-button issue in the automotive industry. Designed to increase transparency in car buying, the rule has sparked debate between consumer advocates and dealerships. Mosaic Compliance Services has supported NADA and TADA in a lawsuit challenging the rule by submitting an amicus brief outlining the cost of compliance for dealers.

Mosaic penned an amicus brief to support the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the Texas Automobile Dealers Association's (TADA) lawsuit against the FTC.

Key Concerns of the CARS Rule

Dealerships argue that the CARS Rule imposes significant costs and burdens. Mosaic's amicus brief highlights the potential financial strain on dealerships nationwide, emphasizing the rule's compliance costs.

Protecting the Industry

James Ganther, CEO of Mosaic Compliance Services, stresses that the decision to oppose the CARS Rule goes beyond financial concerns. While the rule might lead to short-term gains for some compliance service providers, the long-term harm to dealerships is a critical issue. Ganther emphasizes the importance of advocating for the industry's well-being.

An Industry United

Mosaic's amicus brief isn't a solitary effort. APCO HoldingsAscent Dealer ServicesAuto Advisory Services Corp., Automotive Compliance Education (ACE), Brightline Dealer Advisors, LLC, iA American Warranty Group, Inc., and Portfolio Holding, Inc. are also named in the brief. These companies have chosen to prioritize the well-being of automotive dealerships. Their willingness to take a stand and invest resources in this fight is a testament to their dedication to protecting the interests of automotive dealerships nationwide.

Looking Forward

The legal battle surrounding the CARS Rule continues. This amicus brief is a testament to the industry's resilience in regulatory challenges. By working together, we hope to ensure a future that protects both consumer rights and the integrity of the automotive industry.

Gain Deeper Insights

For a comprehensive analysis of the CARS Rule and its implications, watch the full keynote speech by James S. Ganther, Esq. at Agent Summit 2024. This in-depth presentation provides valuable insights to help you stay informed and compliant in this evolving regulatory landscape.

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