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Voted “Best Security Product” at the 2023 SMB TechFest, Mosaic has partnered with Nodeware to deliver the ideal vulnerability scanning solution for dealerships. Vulnerability scanning is an ideal way to address the FTC Safeguards requirement for asset management. Mosaic's solution maps every connected device on your network, identifies known and patch-related vulnerabilities and provides real-time guidance to improve at-risk devices. Scanning occurs daily.


From helping to achieve FTC Safeguards compliance to lowering your cybersecurity risk, vulnerability scanning empowers dealerships to better manage and mitigate network device risk.

Vulnerability Scanning

Price Options
Vulnerability Scans
Per connected device
$0.70every month until canceled
  • Daily Vulnerability Scanning
  • Unlimited scans
  • Instant reports via risk portal
  • Built in resolution guidance
  • Integrates with Mosaic's EDR solution
  • Priced per connected device

    Connected Device: any hardware with an IP address connected to your internal network such as printers, scanners, laptops, ipads, VoIP phones, etc. Do not include mobile phones.
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