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Data and Systems Inventory

The Rule requires the dealership to consider all locations of customer data not just the DMS and CRM. Website appointment scheduling software, personal computers, and cellphones of dealership employees may all contain customer data and should be included in the system inventory.

Rule Requirement

314.4 (c) (2)

Identify and manage the data, personnel, devices, systems, and facilities that enable you to achieve business purposes in accordance with their relative importance to business objectives and your risk strategy;

Our Service

Managing your network starts with knowing what's there. We call that the “inventory” and Nodeware makes inventory a simple, secure, and continuous process.  Nodeware's intuitive dashboard will help you more effectively manage your network security and protect your data— and no cyber security certification is required.

Starting out with Nodeware is simple. Nodeware consists of two primary components: a sensor and a dashboard. Once installed, the sensor silently and lightly inventories your network, identifying every connected device, and any new device that joins.

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