Employee & Qualified Individual Security Awareness Training

Unlike the original Rule, the revised Rule requires certain dealership employees to receive ongoing training that covers new threats to customer data as they evolve. Mosaic accomplished this by monthly video update episodes that are coupled with brief tests that confirm the relevant employees understood the content.

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Rule Requirement

314.4 (e)

Implement policies and procedures to ensure that personnel are able to enact your information security program by:

  • (1) Providing your personnel with security awareness training that is updated as necessary to reflect risks identified by the risk assessment;

  • (2) Utilizing qualified information security personnel employed by you or an affiliate or service provider sufficient to manage your information security risks and to perform or oversee the information security program;

  • (3) Providing information security personnel with security updates and training sufficient to address relevant security risks; and

  • (4) Verifying that key information security personnel take steps to maintain current knowledge of changing information security threats and countermeasures.

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Your teams and data are safe with our award-winning security awareness training. Winner of the Dealer's Choice Diamond Award for the last six years running, we'll provide fresh, relevant security awareness content every month. Your teams are the best and deserve the training to match!