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Multifactor Authentication

Factors include knowledge, possession, and inherence. Access to customer data requires the use of more than one type of factor. For example, a Knowledge Factor like a password and an Inherence Factor like a fingerprint.

Rule Requirement

314.4 (c) (5)

Implement multifactor authentication for any individual accessing any information system, unless your Qualified Individual has approved in writing the use of reasonably equivalent or more secure access controls;

Our Service

Multi-factor authentication is a simple, yet important part of your Safeguards Program. Most business software now offers MFA as a built-in feature. Implementation can be as easy as changing a setting at the administrator level of your software. If you need help setting up MFA at your dealership, Mosaic offers a free consultation and will provide recommendations for your MFA implementation. Often, if you are using a managed service provider they will be able to provide guidance and implement an MFA solution for you.

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