Oversee Service Providers

Our solution provides a software application for managing service provider compliance with the Safeguards Rule. This allows you to retain and track all relevant documentation and information needed to prove service providers’ compliance with the rule.

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Rule Requirement

314.4 (f)

Oversee service providers, by:

  • (1) Taking reasonable steps to select and retain service providers that are capable of maintaining appropriate safeguards for the customer information at issue;

  • (2) Requiring your service providers by contract to implement and maintain such safeguards; and

  • (3) Periodically assessing your service providers based on the risk they present and the continued adequacy of their safeguards.

Our Service

SecurityStudio S2 Vendor works with S2 Org as a platform to manage third-party vendor risk. With S2 Vendor, dealerships will be able to oversee service providers continuously, and have a measurement and attestation of all the relevant vendors from a cybersecurity standpoint. This allows to have a full picture of your cyber risk from a service provider standpoint, and      integrate that risk score as part of the overall cybersecurity risk      management program for the dealership, ensuring compliance with the Safeguards Rule.