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Simulated Phishing (Optional)

Employees are your biggest risk in data security. Phishing attacks using emails with attachments or links to malware-infested websites or spoof calls or texts seeking an employee’s password are the primary means used by attackers to gain access to your system.

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Rule Requirement

314.4 (e)

Phishing attacks occur when an attacker sends a fraudulent e-mail that appears to come from someone else. Usually, the e-mail will seem to come from a trusted individual or a trusted organization. While simulated phishing is not required by the rule, we offer this service as a highly recommended best practice to keep your business safe.

Our Service

The vast majority of cyber breaches occur due to cyber attacker phishing and we've found a business is only as secure as its employee's clicks. To help, we've partnered with the to provide best-in-class simulated phishing services if you need them.

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