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Simulated Phishing (Optional)

Employees are your biggest risk in data security. Phishing attacks using emails with attachments or links to malware-infested websites or spoof calls or texts seeking an employee’s password are the primary means used by attackers to gain access to your system.

Rule Requirement

314.4 (e)

Phishing attacks occur when an attacker sends a fraudulent e-mail that appears to come from someone else. Usually, the e-mail will seem to come from a trusted individual or a trusted organization. While simulated phishing is not required by the rule, we offer this service as a highly recommended best practice to keep your business safe.

Our Service

The vast majority of cyber breaches occur due to cyber attacker phishing and we've found a business is only as secure as its employee's clicks. To help, we've partnered with the to provide best-in-class simulated phishing services if you need them.

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