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Systems Monitoring and Logging

All systems usage must be logged. Authorized users’ activity must be recorded and unauthorized use must be detected. The rule doesn't specify how dealerships must accomplish this requirement but one way is to engage a Security Operation Center or SOC to handle the task.

Rule Requirement

314.4 (c) (8)

Implement policies, procedures, and controls designed to monitor and log the activity of authorized users

Our Service

Your Nodeware dashboard shows key information about your network security:

  • Quickly review overall network health,

  • Identify critical device alerts,

  • Drill down on low-scoring devices for immediate remediation.

  • And Nodeware even provides the remediation instructions.

Your Nodeware dashboard lives in the cloud and is accessible to you and your team from anywhere.

Nodeware has built-in reporting tools. You can schedule reports to run on a required cadence or generate one on demand. The reports you generate with Nodeware can then be included in the annual cyber security report required by the Safeguards Rule.

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