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On January 10th 2022, an updated version of the

Safeguards Rule became law. As a leading provider

of dealership compliance solutions, Mosaic offers a

tailored solution that that addresses the substance of

the Rule at a manageable cost.

-Mosaic's solution-

One contract | one invoice | one check

everything needed is covered


creating a Risk Assessment

Implementation of a Safeguards Program starts with a risk assessment that includes a complete vulnerability assessment of the dealership’s computer network and thorough mapping of that network.


Written Information security program development

Mosaic offers assistance in crafting the safeguards necessary to address the risks identified in the risk assessment process, and documenting those safeguards in the dealership’s unique Written Information Security Program.

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Continuous network monitoring

Central to the Mosaic Safeguards Solution is a robust network monitoring system. This software application is managed through a user-friendly dashboard that provides real-time insight into current network security status, identified vulnerabilities and their associated patches, and documentation that supports the Rule’s reporting requirements.

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Mosaic offers its award-winning training program, with particular emphasis on IT workers and the dealership’s Qualified Individual. This ongoing training addresses the Rule’s requirements, and the NADA approach to addressing those requirements.

Mosaic helps dealerships create policy documents that are then retained and deployed through Mosaic’s online Learning Management System. As they are stored and deployed online,

they are easily accessible at all times. 

Policy Documents &
Written Reports

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Service Provider

Mosaic helps dealerships manage their third party service providers by verifying their adherence to Safeguards policies, and then documenting and tracking this information.