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Are you vulnerable?

This video is a fictionalized account based on real cyber attack events at dealerships in recent years.

Excellent Services and Support

You'll receive a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the setup and provide ongoing support. They will keep you on track and be the person you can call with any questions.

Security and Compliance

Mosaic has carefully tested and selected services that protect your data. Our approach minimizes the risk of a data breach while getting you Safeguards compliant. Our services are so good, Mosaic uses them too!

Safeguards Solution

Simply satisfying the minimum requirements of the Safeguards rule does not guarantee a data breach will not happen. However, if you implement the right infrastructures in the process, it will reduce the chance your organization will become a victim. Plus, it can greatly reduce the cost should a breach occur.

Get a digital copy of our whitepaper.

Click below to receive our white paper, The Revised FTC Safeguards Rule: A Starting Point for Compliance!

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