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Role-specific  compliance training

Enjoy the most awarded compliance training in the industry.

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8x Winner of the Dealer's Choice Diamond Award
for compliance training


Built by attorneys,
to protect dealers

Getting compliant doesn't have to be difficult or complex. Mosaic provides fully managed compliance training for dealerships, tailored to each employee's role.

Simplify and save when you bundle training and policies. Plus, enjoy our most premium support and customizations.

"exactly what we needed"

"Our group was looking for a comprehensive compliance program that was simple to use and understand. Mosaic Compliance Services has a training program that was exactly what we needed. They work closely with you to get the program tailored for your group and ongoing support is fantastic! We highly recommend Mosaic to any automotive dealer looking for an online compliance program."

- Wendy, Vice President of Compliance



Topic-specific training for the whole team. With an unlimited number of employees per store and white-glove deployment, there's a lot to love about Mosaic's dealership-specific compliance courses.

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Security Awareness Training

Required for all dealership employees, under the FTC's Safeguards Rule.


Anti-Harassment and

Anti-Discrimination Training

Protect your employees and your store from dealers' most frequent lawsuits.

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Cash Reporting Training

Know when and how to correctly handle cash transactions at your dealership.


Get role-specific compliance certifications to help take your success to new heights.

What you'll love about our certifications:

  • Crafted for dealership employees, by industry attorneys

  • Self-paced, online curriculum and exam

  • Attorney-signed certificate of completion

Recommended for:

  • Sales associates

  • BDC representatives

  • Customer service representatives

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Get your training, policies, and your compliance advisor all in one place with our cost-effective bundles.

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Comprehensive Compliance Bundle

Role-specific training and policies for the entire dealership.

  • All our award-winning compliance content in one place

  • The most cost-effective way to access all of Mosaic's content

  • Fully managed setup and ongoing dedicated guidance

  • Branded online platform and customizable learning paths

  • 65+ unique compliance curricula and policies



Need help deciding? Talk to our experts.


Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Discover more compliance solutions

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Compliance Training

Winner of the Dealer's Choice Diamond Award 2015-2023.

With Mosaic training, you get:

  • Role-based compliance training built by industry attorneys

  • Fully managed setup and support from a compliance advisor

  • Video-based training tailored to the dealership environment

  • Available as compliance bundles, courses, or certifications

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