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Mosaic has merged with Gvo3 to provide the best way to review deal jackets at the dealership. Our expert team of audit professionals have decades of experience in the the automotive industry and are eager to help your stores improve and stay profitable.

Here's how it works: An experienced audit professional will perform a risk assessment to help identify potential areas of concern within your dealership's transcation process. They will audit a minumum of 20 deal jackets remotely, and then conduct a live review of the findings. This process is consultative. Dealers love this process because our auditors pull from deep industry experience to provide actionable guidance that can be used to proactively mitigate areas of concern, before it becomes a lawsuit. 

Annual Audits

Price Options
Annual Audit
$2,000.00every year until canceled
    • Annual audit of at least 20 deal jackets by an industry expert
    • 1-1 in-depth consultation of results (can be live or remote)
    • Exhaustive risk assessment of deal process
    • Development of Sales and F&I Policy & Procedure Manual
    • Customized compliance training
    • Tertiary audit process, including independent audits
    • Action Plan from audit findings requiring follow-up
    • Coordination of industry certification
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