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Mosaic's General Employee Bundle is an excellent option for dealerships looking to specifically satisfy federal compliance requirements. This bundle includes the federally required trainings for all dealerships and their employees. By completing this course, all employees from sales staff to service technicians will have the tools and knowledge to help keep your dealership compliant at the federal level. Start protecting your dealership with Mosaic's general employee. 

General Dealership Employee Bundle

Price Options
General Employee
$200.00every month until canceled
  • Federally required compliance trainings for dealerships
  • Self-guided, online learning platform
    • Anti-Harassment
    • Anti-Discrimination
    • Security Awareness Training
    • Ethics
    • Safeguards Compliance Overview
    • Preventing in-Dealership Theft
  • Dedicated compliance advisor
  • Fully managed setup and deployment
  • Includes all employees at a single store
  • Applicable in all 50 states
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