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Phishing attacks are currently the #1 way a cyber breach begins. Mosaic has partnered with to provide a fully-managed simulated phishing service designed for dealerships to quickly improve their security. Training and guidance is provided directly fromclicked phishing emails, so employees will immediately know what they did wrong and how to avoid it in future. This continuous and fully automated service is also highly customizable allowing you to tweak everything from content type to crafting custom messaging. A dedicated account manager will provide 1-1 guidance during setup to ensure simulations are tailored as desired for your teams. Regardless of what settings you choose, simulations automatically increase in difficulty over time, unique to every employee, helping to drive behavioural change, and better protect your store. Get started protecting your store today!

Phishing Simulations and Training

Price Options
Phishing Simulations
$1.25every month until canceled
    • Fully-managed phishing simulations and training
    • Phishing educational academy
    • Managed setup and maintenance
    • Unlimited email sends
    • Dedicated 1-1 account support
    • Priced per employee
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