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Celebrating Excellence: Inaugural Inductees of the F&I Hall of Fame

This year, at the Agent Summit 2024 held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the finance and insurance (F&I) industry celebrated a momentous occasion—the first-ever induction into the F&I Hall of Fame. The inductees, Larry Dorfman, Arden Hetland, and David Robertson are pioneers whose contributions have shaped the landscape of automotive finance and insurance.

F&I Hall of Fame Inductees

Larry Dorfman, known for his passion and dedication, founded APCO Holdings Inc. - EasyCare in 1984, building it into a cornerstone of the F&I landscape. Describing himself as an "agent at heart," Dorfman's vision and leadership have been central to the company’s success and its role in enhancing customer service and satisfaction across the industry.

Arden Hetland was president and CEO of American Financial & Automotive Services and American Financial Warranty Corp. A founding member of the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals, Hetland has left an indelible mark on the profession.

David Robertson began his automotive career as a car salesman in 1971 and moved up the ranks to become a founding member and chairman of the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals. His extensive experience and leadership in founding or leading several companies continue to influence the industry as he serves as a consultant.

A Legacy of Integrity and Excellence

The F&I Hall of Fame ceremony was not just a recognition of past achievements but a celebration of the enduring values that these pioneers have instilled in the business. Tony Wanderon, CEO of APCO Holdings, highlighted that these inductees are exemplary models of conducting business with integrity and commitment. Ron Reahard, president of Reahard & Associates, commended their consistent efforts to improve the industry.

Mosaic Compliance Services' James S. Ganther, Esq., was a member of the selection committee. Mosaic's partnership with APCO and American Financial, spearheaded by Dorfman and Hetland, brought top-tier compliance training to dealerships nationwide. From 2016 to 2021, American Financial won the Dealers' Choice Diamond Award for Compliance Training.

As we celebrate these trailblazers, we also look forward to the continued advancement of the F&I industry. Their legacies, characterized by a commitment to excellence and ethical practices, set a high standard for future leaders. At Mosaic Compliance Services, we remain committed to fostering these values through our training programs, ensuring that the industry grows and does so with integrity and respect for all stakeholders.


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