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Dealership Accounting Office


This learning path is tailored to employees working in the accounting department or business office of an automobile dealership. Accounting and business office employees should be knowledgeable in many areas of law when it comes to the finance and sales process. Though they may not be interacting with customers directly, they will likely play an important role in ensuring that a deal is completed in a legally compliant manner. The Accounting Office learning path will introduce employees to the Compliance Checklist and the areas of law they should be concerned with when reviewing deals. These lessons will help Accounting Office employees understand what to look for in a deal and what do to if something is not right.

Lesson Topics

  • Ethics

  • FTC Safeguards Rule: Basics

  • Accounting Compliance Checklist

  • Adverse Action Notices

  • Cash Reporting (FinCen 8300)

  • Credit Applications

  • Customer Signature

  • Red Flags Rule: Basics

  • Employee Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Learning Path Stats

Video Content

1.5 Hours



Quiz Questions


Estimated Time to Complete

2.5 Hours

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