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Dealership Business Development Center


The goal of the Business Development Center is to cultivate sales and service customers for the dealership. BDC employees usually conduct business over the phone or online through email or chats. At some dealerships, this role has increasing responsibility as customers expect to be able to handle more of the transaction process online. For this reason, it is not only important for BDC employees to be knowledgeable about the regulations that govern their communication with consumers and their obligations regarding customer data but also to have an understanding of laws concerning the sales process. This learning path will prepare your BDC employees with the knowledge they need to know to conduct their business in a legally compliant manner.

Lesson Topics

  • FTC Safeguards Rule: Basics

  • Credit Applications

  • Customer Signature

  • FTC Privacy Rule

  • Ethics

  • Employee Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

  • FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule

Learning Path Stats

Video Content

1.25 Hours



Quiz Questions


Estimated Time to Complete

2 Hours

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