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Dealership Compliance Officer


Mosaic’s Compliance Officer learning path is designed to cover all the regulations that apply to a typical automobile dealership. The Compliance Officer learning path is intended to educate high-level managers within the dealership who may be responsible for the overall compliance posture of the organization. Depending on the size of your organization, you may have a dedicated Compliance Officer, or the Owner or General Manager may take on this responsibility. Either way, the Compliance Officer learning path can help you wrap your head around the complex legal obligations you face at your dealership. From general human resources topics such as sexual harassment and business ethics to the FTC Safeguards and Red Flags Rule, this path is packed with engaging content that will get you up to speed on compliance at your dealership!

Lesson Topics

  • FTC Safeguards Rule: Advanced

  • Accounting Compliance Checklist

  • Cash Reporting (FinCen 8300)

  • Red Flags Rule: Advanced

  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act

  • FTC Disposal Rule

  • Regulation M: Advanced

  • Regulation Z: Advanced 

  • Risk-Based Pricing Notices

  • Disparate Impact

  • Retaliation

Learning Path Stats

Video Content

5.5 Hours



Quiz Questions


Estimated Time to Complete

7.5 Hours

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