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F&I Manager


Mosaic’s F&I Manager learning path is designed to cover the regulations that apply to dealership F&I personnel. This includes general human resources topics such as sexual harassment and business ethics and modules on each of the rules and laws that a typical F&I Manager would need to follow in the course of their duties. The F&I Manager path also includes lessons on F&I menus, products, and services so managers can gain a better understanding of products like GAP and vehicle service contracts from the standpoint of legal compliance.

Lesson Topics

  • FTC Safeguards Rule: Basics

  • Cash Reporting

  • Credit Applications

  • Red Flags Rule: Advanced

  • Quoting Payments

  • GAP

  • Negative Equity

  • OFAC

  • F&I Menus

  • F&I Products and Services

  • Menu Vocabulary

  • Vehicle Service Contracts

Learning Path Stats

Video Content

5.25 Hours



Quiz Questions


Estimated Time to Complete

7 Hours

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