FTC Red Flags Rule: Advanced

Each dealership covered by the Red Flags Rule must develop and implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program that is designed to detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft. This series of lessons will discuss the development of such a Program for your dealership and will focus on the actual red flags that are most likely to occur in the context of a dealership. These lessons also examine the specific elements of the Program in greater detail.

  • Developing an Identity Theft Prevention Program

  • "Covered Accounts"

  • Alerts and Notifications

  • Suspicious Documents & Information

  • Notices of Identity Theft

  • Identity Theft Prevention Program

  • Suspicious Activity and Documentation

  • Detecting Discrepancies

  • Responding to Red Flags

  • Clearing Red Flags

  • Unresolved Red Flags

  • Mitigating Identity Theft

  • Data Breach Incident Response

  • Who to Notify

  • What to Include in a Notice

  • Identity Theft Recovery Services

  • Service Provider Oversight

  • Effective Oversight

  • Service Provider Contracts

  • Training and Periodical Updates

  • Elements of a Program Review

  • Deployable online with Mosaic's LMS

  • Track and retain employee completions

  • SCORM Compliant version available

  • Text summary

  • English closed captions

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