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Customer Signature

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In a vehicle transaction with the least amount of paperwork (a cash deal), a customer may have to sign their name in as many as 10 different places. In a finance or lease transaction, a customer could easily be required to sign their name 20 or more times. In a re-contracted deal, the number of signatures required by a customer could easily be 30 or more. Customers can sign printed documents with ink signatures or, for transactions conducted electronically such as eContracting, the customer can sign electronically. In this lesson you will learn the legal significance of the customer's signature, identifying and avoiding signature issues, and other considerations regarding signatures.


  • Ink and Electronic Signatures

  • Legal Overview

  • Signature Issues


  • Deployable online with Mosaic's LMS

  • Track and retain employee completions

  • SCORM Compliant version available

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  • English closed captions

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